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The young artist got his spectators enthuastic about his high quality hat juggling. He performes with elegance, inspired by rhythm, a high dynamic and fascinating charm. In his show "The Hat Man" he tames 5 hats and one walking stick.
He demonstrates playful in his performance how to work against the effect of gravity. The crowd get the vision of flying hats. The show is accompanied by a self-made choreography and dance music.

Hat Juggler

Tido, a funny and spirite traveling artist- always reday to play a prank but now he shows that there is also a calmer side in him, almost mystical.
His performance with glowing  juggling balls semm linke a dance, accompanied by a mystic that takes you to a different world and make you forget reality for a moment. Tido succeeds to give any kind of event the right touch whether big or small he captures everybod´s  imagination

Durch sein charmant-sympatisches Wesen gewinnt
BABU schnell die Herzen des Publikums. Ob als Zaubere oder als Clown BABU geht stets auf sein Publikum ein und überrascht nicht nur die Zuschauer, sondern manchmal sogar sich selbst! Visuelle und nonverbale Komik in frischer und frecher Art.
Babu verzaubert! 

Clown mit Stuhl

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